The Hand Temples of the Color Multiverse


The 4 Hand Temples of the Color Multiverse are 4 16″ by 16″ canvas paintings that combine into a combined 32′ by 32′ piece (or also into other combinations) Each Painting also exists on it’s own, through the paintings can only be sold as a complete set.

Featured are the Orange Temple with the paint brush, the Red Temple with a trumpet, the Purple Temple with the Sun as an eye, and the Blue Temple holding a Bass Clarinet. Different orientations are optional with all 4 separately or combined. What unites the pieces are “Flow Vines” that represent the living desire to exist, grow, be together, and also attraction or repulsion energy. The colors are all skies leading to a different multiverse in the Color World. Each temple is envisioned as the height of the Empire State Building in NYC.

Please contact me for any questions of this unique piece